Artist Statement

I sculpt in Granite and Basalt, use the forms of naturally shaped boulders and try to work with these in such a way that the resulting work, besides my human imprint, still says: I am a rock.

The following are statements pertaining to specific works or groups of works.


Verena Schwippert working on Hand Werke

Velocitas 2001

The age of the rock inspires me with thoughts about time. Velocitas is one of several variations and elaborations on this theme. Here I express the fluidity of time and its movement (waves above and wheels below), contradicted by the stationary solidity of the sculpture. This stationary solidity is a symbol for a concept of time, were time is still and we are moving through it.


The two opposing ideas about aspects of time are expressed simultaneously in this work.
Thirdly I wish to convey a sense of humor, hence the “stonemobile” aspect of the sculpture Velocitas.

Hand Werke 2002

There is for me, as for most of us it seems, a tangible presence in the giant stones – a quiet, peaceful, yet very great power. I strive to capitalize on this by leaving the shapes of the boulders as natural as possible and then imbuing them with a “pulse”. This “pulse” could be described as a visual quality, a softness, the illusion of movement, an aliveness and just about to move to another shape-ness.

Hand Werke 2002

Vessels and Postcards to the Future 1998

Postcard to the Future

The most important moment for my sculptures, my artistic perception and representation and the shapes of my work --- occurs when choosing the rocks. This happens at the source, on the banks of the rivers high in the mountains.

A series of 56 vessel shaped sculptures and a large number of other ovoid pieces were inspired then and there at the riverbank, in view of very many round and rounded rocks.

    To use the shapes nearly as they are, perfectly sculpted by ice, water and other rocks during a very long period of time is - for me – paying homage to the forces of nature, inclusive of time and gravity. In each sculpture time itself is represented by the age of the rock. Gently working the stone into certain shapes, I attempt to present various aspects of the theme as in “Unraveling of Time”, “Fluidity of Time” and “Postcards to the Future”.

Vessel Group TAU


The power within the stone itself, i.e. of the adherance of the particles to each other and also the sources of the stones is presented with the cyclus of Stone Vessels: ‘Vessels of Mountain Power”.

Summing up general influences for the majority of art, I would like to mention old Mexican sculpture, Henry Moore; Isamu Noguchi and K.Uchida decidedly Pacific Rim inspirations to my work; and also the proximity and familiarity of Neolithic Stone assemblages near the home of my youth, which strongly affect my urge to work on ever larger stones.

Black Vessel
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